Virat Kohli and Shadab Khan discuss the batting vs bowling battle in the India-Pakistan Asia Cup 2023.

The battle between India’s batting and Pakistan’s bowling will be one of the key battles in the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan.
Virat Kohli reacts after defeating Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match in Melbourne, Australia.

Virat Kohli believes the Indian cricket team will need to be at their absolute best when they face Pakistan’s high-quality bowling attack in the Asia Cup on Saturday.

“I believe bowling is their forte.” And they have some really impactful bowlers who, depending on their skill set, can change the course of the game at any time. So you have to be at your absolute best to face them,” Kohli said in an interview with Star Sports broadcaster.

Kohli enters the match with 554 runs at an average of 50.36 from 13 matches since last December.

“I only try to understand how I can improve my game,” Kohli said of his approach. Every day, every practice session, every year, and every season has contributed to my ability to play so well for so long and to perform for my team.”

“I don’t believe you can consistently perform without that mindset because if performance is your only goal, you can be satisfied and stop working hard.” It has no boundaries.”

“There is no set achievement that says you’ve reached excellence if you reach a certain stage.” I believe I strive for betterment every day, so that is a better word to use, and yes, performance is obviously a by-product of your mindset. “How do I lead my team to victory from this position?”

Pakistan all-rounder Shadab Khan acknowledged the significance of Kohli’s wicket and emphasized the importance of having a plan in place for it.

“He (Kohli) is unquestionably a world-class player.” “You have to plan a lot to face him,” Shadab explained.

The last time these two teams met, Kohli batted 53 balls for 83 runs to lead India to a four-wicket victory in the T20 World Cup in Melbourne.

“The kind of batsman that Virat Kohli is, the way he has performed against us, even in the last match at the (2022 T20) World Cup, I don’t think any other batsman in the world could have done that to our bowling line-up if they were in that situation.”

“And the best part is, he can do it at any stage and at any time.”