Rohit wishes to revert to his mental makeup from 2019.As major tournaments approach, Rohit hopes to regain his mental fortitude from 2019.

Rohit wishes to revert to his mental makeup from 2019.As major tournaments approach, Rohit hopes to regain his mental fortitude from 2019.

Rohit appears his usual cool self as India gears up for a testing finish to the year

It’s not easy being India’s captain, especially with a World Cup at home on the horizon to try to end a decade-long ICC trophy drought. Rohit Sharma’s easy demeanor and personality may be just the right tools for a captain who must bear the weight of expectation while leading a group of men to a common goal.

Rohit’s responsibilities include more than just leadership. Rohit plays an important, tempo-setting role at the top of India’s batting order as one of the team’s most experienced batters. In addition, he has a high personal bar to meet and, if possible, outjump. Rohit scored an unprecedented five centuries for India in the previous ODI World Cup four years ago.

“It is important for me to relax and not be concerned about external factors that play a role, whether positively or negatively.” “I want to block out everything,” Rohit said in an interview with PTI.

“I want to return to the state I was in prior to the 2019 World Cup.” I was in a great frame of mind and had done an excellent job of preparing for the tournament. I was in good shape and had a positive attitude. I want to bring it back, and I have the time to do so. Trying to remember what I was doing right before the 2019 World Cup as a cricketer and as a person. “I’d like to revisit that thought process of mine,” he added.

For Rohit, a lot has changed since that tournament in the United Kingdom. A seemingly doomed Test career was given a new lease on life, and he was soon elevated to captaincy of the Indian team across all three formats. The outcomes and fate of championships have changed the players. Rohit insisted that was not the case. He also stated that he was not concerned about what a World Cup victory, on top of his IPL triumphs, would do to his captaincy legacy.

“A person’s success or failure cannot change him overnight,” he said. “I don’t believe a single result or championship can change me as a person.” I haven’t changed as a person in the last 16 years, and I don’t believe anything should. The emphasis will be on how I can achieve my goals for myself and my team in the next two months. A person cannot change in a matter of months.

“I am not the person who thinks about what kind of legacy I will leave behind. My legacy will be for people to judge and talk about. Not for me to say. I am not a firm believer in numbers. You should be happy and enjoy the time you have in-front of you, and try to live in that kind of moment. I am thinking about what gives me happiness. For me, it’s all about creating memories and creating a good rapport with my teammates. Be happy in whatever you get and whatever you have,” he philosophied.

Among the unenviable tasks awaiting him in the next two months is the decision to reduce the current roster of 18 players (at the Asia Cup) to 15. At least three players must be informed that they will not be participating in the home World Cup. Rohit will be able to empathise because he was on the other side of that conversation exactly 12 years ago when he was not selected for the 2011 World Cup squad.

“While selecting the best combination, some guys will miss out for various reasons, and Rahul bhai [Dravid] and I have done our best to explain to the players why they are not in the squad.” We attempted to communicate with the players following the announcement of each selection and playing XI. “We talk to them face to face, one-on-one, about why they weren’t chosen,” Rohit said.

“Me, coaches, and selectors consider all factors such as opposition, surfaces, our strengths, and their weaknesses before reaching a consensus.” There is a good chance that we will not always be perfect. At the end of the day, few people make decisions, and we are all prone to making mistakes as humans. We will not always be correct. It’s not like I don’t like this person and am abandoning him. Captaincy is not based on personal preferences. There is a reason why anyone misses out. We have no recourse if you are unlucky.

“I try to put myself in their shoes at times.” When I was not chosen in 2011, it was a heartbreaking moment for me, and I felt devastated Since that time. No one can tell me that “easier said than done” because I have experienced this emotion. I’ve been kicked out of a World Cup before, and I know how it feels.”

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