Qualification Scenarios: Royals Secured, LSG Fighting to Stay Afloat

Qualification Scenarios: Royals Secured, LSG Fighting to Stay Afloat

Following Delhi Capitals’ victory over LSG on Tuesday, Rajasthan Royals secured their spot as the second team to advance to the IPL 2024 playoffs, following KKR’s assurance of a top-two finish due to a washout in Ahmedabad on Monday (May 13). With 64 games completed, Titans, MI, and PBKS have been eliminated, leaving five teams vying for the remaining two playoff positions.


Sitting in the strongest position among the five contenders with 14 points and a healthy NRR (+0.406), SRH has two home games remaining against GT and PBKS. A win in either match secures their playoff berth, while two wins could also propel them into contention for a top-two finish. However, they must ensure RR don’t surpass them in NRR in case of a points tie. Even two defeats won’t necessarily spell elimination, as long as they maintain a favorable NRR and receive assistance from either CSK or RCB in their respective matches.


Benefiting greatly from Tuesday’s results, CSK can secure a top-four finish with a win against RCB. Depending on other outcomes, they could even find themselves in Qualifier 1. They could afford a defeat to RCB provided they maintain a superior NRR, which hinges on the margin of RCB’s victory in the event of a chase or the deficit in a loss while setting a target.


Despite a rocky start, RCB’s resurgence has placed them within reach of a playoff spot. Their fate largely depends on SRH’s performances. If SRH lose both remaining matches, a victory over CSK should suffice, barring an unfavorable swing in NRR compared to CSK.


Although DC’s slim chances hinge on various outcomes, their recent win over LSG has kept them mathematically in contention. However, their abysmal NRR makes their path to qualification reliant on specific scenarios involving other teams’ results and margins of victory.


LSG’s once-promising position has deteriorated after three consecutive defeats. Their playoff hopes now hang by a thread, relying on a combination of victories, favorable results from other matches, and substantial margins of victory to boost their NRR.

As the league stage draws to a close, the battle for playoff berths intensifies, with each team navigating a complex web of scenarios and outcomes.

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