During the preseason, Dhoni demonstrated exceptionally good skill. – Fleming

During the preseason, Dhoni demonstrated exceptionally good skill. – Fleming

The club is not taken aback by what former captain MS Dhoni has accomplished with the bat this season, according to CSK head coach Stephen Fleming. This year, Dhoni has delighted the fans on multiple occasions with his exciting brief cameos. He also has a tournament strike rate of 255.

Even on Friday, April 19, during CSK’s loss, Dhoni gave his team a much-needed boost in the last two overs by thrashing the Lucknow Super Giants for an undefeated 28 off just 9 balls. Although there have been demands for Dhoni to arrive sooner, Fleming disclosed that Dhoni’s recuperation from his knee injury has limited his time in the middle. Fleming remarked, “It’s inspirational, isn’t it,” regarding Dhoni’s 42-year-old performances. Even in practise this year, he has hit rather nicely. His excellent level of competence during the preseason doesn’t surprise the club with what he is accomplishing. There are only so many balls that he can play well since he has clearly had knee issues in previous years and is still sort of getting over them.

“I believe that everyone wants to see him for a longer period of time, but that’s about right. He is essential to the competition, and in that two to three minute cameo, he owns that space. The rest of the batting group must put us in a situation where he can propel us to victory. It is amazing to watch him do that because he does it almost always right now.”

Fleming acknowledged that Dhoni remains the beating heart of CSK while heaping further respect on the player. “What an amazing atmosphere when he comes out and does play and entertain, it’s exhilarating,” he said. “We are immensely pleased of his accomplishments. We are amazed at how much love he receives. Given his achievements in Indian cricket and with CSK, it comes as no surprise. He is essentially the lifeblood of our side, and we are immensely delighted to have him on board. We have a great time with it. We are aware that his profession, both past and present, has benefited us. We relish every second of it.”

Fleming also gave LSG’s openers credit for their outstanding collaboration, which made it easier for them to secure a desperately needed victory. KL Rahul emerged as the player of the match after hitting 82 off just 53 balls, while Quinton de Kock managed just 54. “The game was quite difficult,” Fleming noted. “We had a lot of difficulty gaining any momentum during the game. We would have needed to take wickets consistently to win the game, just like they did, but our opening stand proved to be the difference in the contest. Additionally, we were unable to apply pressure because they were accustomed to the pitch’s speed. However, had we taken wickets continuously, we may have placed pressure on their order in this situation.

Sometimes, when a partnership is growing and succeeding, the spinners are removed out of the game. It seemed that with both left-handers and right-handers in the lineup, it would be simple to hit spin, as demonstrated by Moeen Ali’s last few overs. We had to keep switching things up in an attempt to find a method to gain a wicket since the plan was to get more spin, but they simply negated that.”

Fleming has pointed out that the pitches may start to slow down now during the second half of the competition, despite discussions about the batting-friendly conditions that have seen scores climb across the nation this season. “The sample is still relatively small,” he stated. We are barely halfway into the competition, so given the heat and the wickets being utilized, I would anticipate that the scoring will somewhat slow down. The game between bat and ball today was excellent; it was a fair fight.I agree that it’s getting a little one-sided, but I also think that people like to see a lot of fours and sixes, so that’s why I prefer a fight like that where there’s a little bit for both parties.”

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